This section is for style of saddle shoes that are currently or recently available and in step with today's fashion. These styles will become tomorrow's vintage you may even notice some similarities to the styles from the late 60's-early 70's. #!/usr/bin/perl # list inventories, dammit. require ''; $category_id = $query->param("category_id"); print <   Description Style Price Order EOL $results = $conn->exec("select description,style,price,image_name,image_full,image_thumb,inventory_id from inventory,images where category_id=$category_id and inventory.image_id=images.image_id"); print "

" . $conn->errorMessage() . "

"; while (@arr = &trunc($results->fetchrow)) { ($description,$style,$price,$image_name,,$image_full,$image_thumb,$invid) = @arr; print < $image_name $description $style $price Order Now EOL } print < EOL

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